Become Sparktastic


Being Sparktastic Means...

Living a life that is authentically YOU. Full of confidence, self-love, and freedom to be who you truly are. Armed with a crisp understanding of your life´s purpose and tools to make those dreams a reality.

So... what is holding you back from being Sparktastic?

The following is what training over 500 entrepreneurs and incubating 50+ businesses have taught me. What holds you back from achieving your goals and living a fulfilling life are your own disempowering beliefs. Society has taught us to doubt ourselves, to fit into the mold, to hide our inner light, to not take up space, to not take risks, to fear failure...


And unfortunately, we believed them. While we may consciously know that is not right, and we are meant for greater things, those beliefs are wired in deep. Often hidden from our awareness and /or hard to break out of with willpower alone.

That is why it's time to learn tools that enable you to dive into your subconscious and rewire your mind. Tools based on Neurolinguistic Programing and Self Hypnosis.


Let´s shed away disempowering beliefs, unlock empowering ones, and create the life of your dreams.

How do you become Sparktastic?


1) Ignite your Spark - 21 tools based on NLP and Self Hypnosis. Feel Better to Be Better. Access by claiming your Sparktastic NFT here OR sign up here .

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2) Lead with Spark - Discover your life purpose and learn how to achieve it. 10 videos to teach you essential leadership frameworks WITH hypnosis audios to knock down your limiting beliefs. Sign up here.

3) Fast Track - Book your 1:1 Session with Ryden to get personalized coaching. Sign up here.

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4) Explore Free Tools on YouTube or TikTok

Wait, did you say hypnotize myself?

Yes, the word ¨hypnotize¨ sounds crazy and there are scary misconceptions out there. BUT! You´ll learn why it´s so effective and how it’s the good kind of crazy.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool you can apply to yourself. It allows you to erase disempowering beliefs, fears, and bad habits preventing you from being that amazing leader you know you can be.

This course is for people who are ready to step up, grab the wheel and through their leadership create major changes in the world. Whether it’s being the leader of your own life, your own company, or a team/project at work. It´s both for those in leadership positions today and those that want to be soon.



My name is Ryden and my life has been dedicated to learning how to lead. I’m the founder and CEO of La Chispa - a social impact business incubator. I teach entrepreneurs how to develop and lead their own organizations. I’m also on the board of SOMO (an incubator in East Africa), have coached managers at start ups in the US and spent the first 6 years of my career at Bridgewater Associates learning and applying management principles.

For the past 10 years I´ve focused on the question ¨how do I lead myself and others to make positive changes in the world¨.

Today, I’ve far surpassed the ¨10,000 hours to mastery¨. I’ve done everything from the traditional management training to the obscure. Now, I´ve boiled down what I’ve learned into an approach that will help everyone be successful leaders.


In 10 weeks, you´ll be leading with spark

this means you´ll...




  • 10 weekly coaching/hypnosis videos - 45mins each

  • Watch at a time that is convenient for you!

  • Exercises to integrate the lesson

  • Final 1:1 personal coaching and hypnosis session


  • Connect with your passion and purpose.

  • Understand your environment - yourself, team, clients, and competition. See your reality objectively and without judgment.

  • Unleash your creativity to brainstorm ideas on how to shape that reality.

  • Strengthen your confidence to set big dreams.

  • Visualize your future goal.

  • Design and strategize how to get to your future goal.

  • Align and manage your team around that goal through clarity and inspiration.

  • Implement your vision.

  • Listen and adapt without ego.

  • Define your authentic leadership style and culture.



¨My first hypnosis session was with Ryden, and the experience was amazing. I was impressed by my simultaneous state of relaxation and awakening. So effortless.  I preform my best when I feel relaxed yet in flow.¨

Daniel Suñé de Wolf - Account Executive at SalesForce