1:1 Coaching Session with Ryden

Level up YOU via a 1:1 personalized coaching with hypnosis session.

  • 2 hours
  • 475 US dollars
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Service Description

YOU will level up in this 1:1 session thanks to a combination of industry proven management frameworks & hypnosis. I have incubated over 50 social-impact businesses in LatAm, coached US tech startups and spent 6 years in the center of Bridgewater´s culture-systemization. Now, I´d love to help others access their full potential and ¨be the spark that ignites change¨. Step one in these sessions is to uncover and pinpoint what are the core intangible items standing in your way of leveling up. We´ll use frameworks inspired by Bridgewater´s diagnosis process, Robert Keegan´s Immunity to Change, La Chispa´s business framework, and a handful of other coaching practices. This is where most management consultants, managers and coaches stop. You find your core block and are asked to work around them, not to put yourself in situations that need those things or put guardrails when you do. I was never satisfied with that answer. So as a result, I entered into the world of Neuro Linguistic Programing (Hypnotherapy) and now this management consultant practice goes deeper… Step two is therefore to rewire your brain to change old thought patterns and achieve the intangible results you want. Let's use an analogy of your brain as a computer. With Hypnosis, you can erase old code that is no longer serving you and re-write a new program that is. A program that builds new positive habits, thought patterns, and emotions to shape you into the person you want to be. Ready to begin? Book your session now below.

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